Osprey Archeon rucksack review
Osprey have released a new series of rucksacks and here we look at the new Archeon range, in particular the 70 litre rucksack, which is the latest milestone in the brands sustainability journey. The Archeon range moves towards C0, PFC free DWR coating as well as being 100% recycled materials, means no waste and the environment are at the forefront of design.
Forged in the wild.
The Archeon series embodies the principles of essentialism and environmentalism for both hiking and backpacking. Recycled fabrics, metal componentry and a comfortable backsystem combine to produce a pack built for life in the outdoors.
Available in varies sizes from Archeon 25, Archeon 30, Archeon 45 and Archeon 70, available for men and women in a variety of colours.
Archeon 70 rucksack
This season marks the latest milestone in our sustainability journey. For Archeon 70 have moved towards C0, PFC free DWR coating. The updated chemistry provides a sustainable yet high-performance approach to the hardiness of this series. The fabrics used throughout the Archeon 70 are 100% recycled and durable enough stand the test of time. Tough metal componentry completes the durable design ensuring longevity on the trail.
The Archeon is also equipped with a close fitting backsystem that can handle significant loads without compromising on comfort. A unique, highly accessible front zip opening allows you to pack, unpack and quickly access your gear. Archeon's sustainable build and features are all wrapped up in an essentialist design aesthetic.
Volume: 70 L
Weight: 2.77 kg
Maximum Dimensions (cm): 83 (l) x 38 (w) x 33 (d)
Main Fabric: 1880D Recycled Nylon Canvas
Key features:
100% Recycled Fabrics
PFC Free DWR Coating
Integrated and detachable recycled raincover
Metal buckles and componentry
Adjustable AirScape™ backpanel
Zippered expanded opening
Full features list:
Side compression straps
Sleeping bag base compartment with internal divider
Sternum strap
Top lid access
Twin ice axe loops
Twin zippered hip belt pockets
Under lid zipped mesh pocket
Walking Pole Attachments
Zippered expanded opening
Adjustable AirScape™ backpanel
Compatible with Hydraulics™ and Hydraulics™ LT Reservoir
Dual access mesh side pockets
Integrated & detachable raincover
Internal hydration sleeve
Internal key attachment clip
Internal mesh pockets
Internal top load compression strap
Metal buckles and componentry
Removable sleeping pad straps
The Osprey Archeon rucksack is designed for hiking and long distance, and with its back system, tough exterior and numerous pockets and means to access your kit. Osprey have pulled out all the stops with this pack.
Immediately when it arrived, I noticed the weight. The Osprey Archeon 70L comes in at a staggering 2.77kg! I own a 100L Bergen which is lighter than this rucksack. The difference came when I put the Osprey rucksack on and anyone who has used/owned an Osprey rucksack previously knows how great the harness and back system is and boy am I glad Osprey have pulled the stops out in this pack.
Once full packed and on my back, I couldn’t notice the weight of the pack or 10kg weight inside. The back system on the Archeon 70L is incredibly comfortable and with no rubbing, sore shoulders and hips, even post running down a mountain side, it’s evident how well this rucksack has been made. Every little detail, every zipper, layer of fabric, down to the ergonomics of the rucksack makes it a pure joy to use.
My favourite part being in that I could open the entire pack out. Not in the traditional manners of the top lid or through the bottom, but I could open the front up by pulling the two zippers down and unclipping the interior locks. This not only made packing a lot easier. I’m looking at you sleeping bags! No more loosing items in the rucksack either or trying to find said items by either climbing in the rucksack yourself or dancing about as you shake the contents out.
Plus, the Archeon has enough zipper pockets on the interior to hide away everything. Pockets on the hip belt, the lid of the pack, below the floating lid, interior mesh pockets along the front (accessible from one side too), bottom of the rucksack with an interior section to segment the bottom of the rucksack and finally the side mesh pockets with adjustable compression straps to hold whatever you need in place. In addition to the usual ice axe/walking pole loops and internal hydration sleeve.
Could this rucksack have any more access points and features if it tried? All of this is to make your life as a user, that much easier and practical when on the trail.
With a plethora of options to access in the interior of the Archeon rucksack, it also comes built with a number of means to divide your equipment to help continue the organisation.
The base of the pack has the zipper to access the bottom, but inside is a separator so you can divide the 70-litre interior in to a 60/10 proportion. This I found very helpful as I could keep my camping kit in the larger section and a camera insert in the base, leaving it to be quick access.
The lid has a number of pockets above and below the lid to further help, with it being a floating lid as well you can adjust the height with ease. However, if you don’t tighten the straps it will become a nuisance, but this is typically of many rucksacks.
The Osprey Archeon has solved a problem, I feel many brands, not just outdoor brands commonly adhered to in design. The side pockets are usually just the mesh pockets with two straps on the top of bottom. However, the Osprey Archeon 70L has something extra, and by extra it’s the straps which double back on themselves to zigzag along the height of the pack on both sides.
So, if you can’t fit your tent on the inside, or as a photographer, usually a tripod is strapped to my rucksacks, this makes things more secure and less wobble as it’s gripped in to the rucksack, again keeping you upright and further adds to the support the rucksack offers.
Between these straps and access means, you can pack your rucksack perfectly, making the most of all the space available, with the Osprey back system and hip belt makes this rucksack one of the most comfortable bags of 2020, possibly to date!
With a rucksack that is designed to keeping you outdoors for longer and further, the material better be waterproof but not only this but tough to handle whatever the outdoors can be thrown at it.
Say goodbye to the plastic clips, which are replaced with metal components. We’ve all been there when the strap is loose, and we snap a plastic clip. The nylon canvas of the Archeon maybe heavy but it’s tough! In my short time in the outdoors with the Osprey rucksack, it held up to it all. Rocks, mud, throwing across rivers, even barbed wire and withstanding the rain. The 1880D recycled nylon canvas will stand up to everything you throw at it. The fabric itself isn’t waterproof so for long durations of rain, the rain cover is required which in traditional manner is stored in the base of the pack which is clipped down for speed and the cover is clipped in with a cable to prevent it being blown off.
One thing I would like to see on the waterproof cover is a strap across the back so when deployed, can be secured down further to prevent any movement in the wind.
The Osprey Archeon is truly a versatile rucksack with everything a hiker would need for long distances and multiple days on the trail. Complete protection and ease to access the full interior of the rucksack to make use of every nook and cranny inside.
The back-suspension system is incredibly comfortable but as someone who is taller, I did notice the rear of the back when lifted would feel slack and you could see the panel bow as you picked the bag up under full load. Although I didn’t experience any breaks or issues, it did feel awkward to lift when this happened. When I adjusted the panel to be lower, which would suit shorter heights, this issue of the panel bending didn’t happen.
The Osprey Archeon 70 litre rucksack is certainly a rucksack to look at as an investment, at £250 it’s not in the realms of cheap. Especially if you are new to hiking, but this is where investment is the key word. I have no shadow of a doubt that the Osprey Archeon will last for years and the canvas exterior will age lovely to give you that iconic weathered outdoor enthusiast and I can safely say it should last for a long time because friends have older models with weaker materials and are still very much usable many years later.
In this day and age where everyone is chasing the grams and going for that ultra-lightweight pack weight, the Archeon 70L will be easily dismissed with its near 3kg weight but looks or weights in this instance are deceiving. Although 2.77kg, it is without a doubt one of the most comfortable rucksacks I have worn at this pack weight and fully loaded! Running up and down mountain sides, sliding about in boggy undergrowth and wading through rivers. The Osprey rucksack didn’t rub, drop, feel uncomfortable or cause me to have a sore back after long periods of wearing the rucksack.
So, don’t be put off by weights because packs with weigh far less have been known to be very uncomfortable. The weight versus comfort on the Osprey rucksack is testament to the years of manufacturing and knowledge the brand has in creating superior rucksacks for the outdoors.
MyOutdoors Scores:
Comfort 25/25
Weight 15/20
Suspension 13/15
Adjustibility 15/15
Ventilation 13/15
Features 10/10
Total: 91/100
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