Workshop Terms and Conditions
Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. They are set out to protect both parties but also importantly, to ensure you have the best day possible.
Should you not Agree to these Terms & Conditions within 48 hours of placing a booking then your space may be cancelled and any monies refunded.
You, refers to the participant. I, myself refers to Matt Holland.
1. A Non-refundable booking-fee is required at the time of booking. Which is 25% of the workshop total cost.
2. The remaining balance is payable via bank transfer only. For one day workshops the balance is due no later than 7 days before the workshop. For multi-day workshops the balance is due 30 days before the workshop. If you are booking less than the times given above, then the full amount is required.
3. If a one day workshop is cancelled by the participant with more than 7 days of workshops then;
a. You be offered to attend another workshop on a different date.
b. You with be refunded minus the booking fee amount for that particular workshop.
4. If a multi-day workshop is cancelled;
By the participant more than 7 days in advance of the workshop but less than 30 days, then the booking fee and balance may not be refunded or offered for transfer. This is at my discretion and my say is final, this is to cover costs that may have already been paid and other expenses. If the workshop is cancelled by. The participant with more than 30 days’ notice, then the full refund menus the non-refundable booking fee will be returned.
5. If any workshop is cancelled by the participant less than 7 days in advance, then no refunds will be given. I reserve the right to cancel any workshop due to a number of factors. Please see below circumstances;
a. If the weather isn’t favourable and both parties agree that the workshop shouldn’t go ahead, then you, the participant will be given the choice to either book onto another workshop, or change to a mutually agreeable date if a one-to-one workshop.
If you are unable to make another date, then you will be refunded minus the booking fee. I will always endeavour to give 48 hours’ notice in these cases. If the weather is bad and you wish for the workshop to go ahead, as long as there is no safety concerns then the workshop will not be cancelled and suitable locations for the weather may be sought.
b. Extreme circumstances such as extreme weather, illness or emergencies. In these instances I endeavour to give as much notice as possible and you will be given the choice to either rebook or a full refund.
c. Participant numbers are not high enough due to under booking. A full refund will be presented or you can request a transfer of workshop.
In the case of small group workshops, where they may be more than 1 participant involved, unless all parties agree to cancel, the workshop will go ahead unless there are safety concerns.
7. I aim to provide the best day possible given the weather conditions. However, I take no responsibility for the weather as this is outside of my control. We will always seek to find alternative locations to suit the conditions. On such days we may spend less hours than advertised but only on the condition of you or the group wishing to do so. I will always work the full hours if the group is willing.
8. I do not accept responsibility for any extra expenses incurred due to cancellations. These could be but not limited to, hotels, train tickets, fuel etc. You should seek Personal Insurance to cover these.
9. I do not accept responsibility to losses incurred by yourself if circumstances are outside of my control. This could be but not limited to, weather, storms, flooding, fire, civil disturbances, acts of God.
10. In the event of myself falling ill before the workshop, a suitable workshop leader of my choice may replace me or if no one can be found the workshop will be cancelled and refunded in full.
11. I hold public liability insurance to cover you for any negligence by myself on the day. You are responsible for your own actions and Matt Holland will not be liable for death, physical injury or harm unless through direct negligence of myself.
12. You will be entering a landscape where there is a certain amount of personal risk involved and there is a degree of responsibility you must hold for yourself. I will always do my upmost to ensure we are safe as possible and will endeavour to point out any potential risks, which are usually minimal but please be mindful of natural and slippery features for example. If at any point you do not feel comfortable doing something, please just say and I will advise on safety, demonstrate how to do it and if it’s still not possible for you then we will discuss other options.
13. A questionnaire will be sent to you after booking. It is a requirement that this questionnaire is completed. Please answer the questionnaire truthfully. These help determine how the workshop will run. For example, fitness, photographic skill, means of travel and equipment for use during the workshop.
14. If you book on to a workshop and mislead me about your fitness, health or ability then I reserve the right to ask you to leave the workshop and at the next available moment and no refund will be given.
15. If you book or join knowing you are unable to safely participate you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.
16. I reserve the right to cancel any workshop if I perceive you to be unsafe through fault of your own. In these situations, the workshop will end and no refund will be given.
17. If you do not follow my instruction or disobey my instruction, then I reserve the right to ask you to leave the workshop and no refund will be given.
18. Your personal belongings such as camera equipment, money and personal effects are not covered by my insurance on the day and you should seek your own personal insurance for these. I will not accept responsibility for such items.
19. It is a requirement by entering into the contract with myself that you provide suitable insurance to cover the workshop whether in the UK or abroad. This could include and not restricted to travel insurance, flight insurance, cancellation insurance or camera insurance.
20. I reserve the right to change the itinerary at any point due to the influence of weather and ground conditions. Safety is paramount as well as ensuring you have the best day possible. Any changes will be advised as soon as possible. If you are unhappy with this changes and the workshop hasn’t commenced then please let me know. If the changes are due to safety, then I will seek to change the date of the workshop.
21. Any kit loaned out by myself to you is subject to being paid for in full if damages occur within your control.
22. I may take pictures of you during the workshop for promotional material and will be shared publicly. Any objections to this should be raised prior to the workshop.
23. Any complaints should be raised on the day. Any complaints not practical to raise on the day should be done so within 14 days of the workshop and in writing.
By paying a booking-fee or in full on any workshop, including one-to-one’s, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and form a legally binding contract. If you are purchasing on behalf of someone else, you are accepting the T&Cs on their behalf.
Any refunds will be processed to the original payment method.
Any challenge to these T&Cs are subject to English law and shall only be challenged in English courts.
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